Windows 8 “Start Menu”: It’s better than you think!

Ah, Windows 8. Almost every time when a client comes to me asking for a new computer, they also ask “is there any way to get Windows 7 on it? Windows 8 sucks!”

Granted, Windows 8 was too different from Windows 7 on launch. Oddly enough, it was mainly the lack of the start button that was a problem. In terms of general usability, it’s actually pretty good. I finally made the switch to Windows 8 a little while ago, and I love it.

Did you know that you can customize your Start Screen, in ways you could not in Windows 7? Don’t believe me? Read on!

When you purchase a new computer with Windows 8, your start screen will look similar to this:


If you are a user coming from this:


You’re certainly going to be really confused!

Fortunately, the Start Menu is actually much easier to manage, once you get the initial shock out of the way. Looking at the old Start Menu, you see a bunch of stuff you don’t *really* use every day. For example, when was the last time you clicked on ‘Help and Support’? Or ‘Default Programs’? Or even the Control Panel, for that matter?

The harsh reality is that there was quite a lot of wasted space on the previous version of the Start Menu. For example, this is my Start Screen, currently:


Clean. Simple. Organized.

I have easy access to all my frequently used programs without even needing to clutter my Desktop. I also got rid of icons and menus I rarely, if ever, used. There is no way I’ll be going back to the old start menu, that’s for sure!

To add a shortcut to a program or folder on the start screen, simply right-click it, select ‘Pin to Start’, and it’s there!

To remove an icon from the Start Screen, all you have to do is right-click it, select ‘Unpin from Start’, and poof, it’s gone!

It’s that easy. Give it a try, customize your Start Screen, and start enjoying Windows 8!

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