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RICHMOND, CANADA, June 6, 2015 – Cat Digital Solutions is excited to announce the SSD Upgrade that will bring performance only seen on expensive laptops and desktops to the regular user. It’s common knowledge that PCs and Macs tend to slow down over time, due to fragmentation, bloated software, or simply the classic phrase “trying to run old software on new hardware”. Cat Digital Solutions, however, performed various tests and came to the startling discovery that the slowdowns could be greatly reduced or even eliminated by installing a solid-state (SSD) drive on the computer!

Impressive, isn’t it? Cat Digital Solutions performed the SSD Upgrade on a Sony VGN-FZ470E. This laptop was Sony’s top of the line model in 2008. With an Intel T8100 Dual-Core processor and 2 GB of RAM, it was a powerhouse when it was released. However, over time, the computer slowed down substantially. The computer was upgraded to Windows 7, but over time it slowed down again.

The SSD Upgrade was performed, and the difference is stunning. Suddenly, a seven year old laptop booted up quicker than a brand new laptop! It sounds impossible, but check out the following YouTube video:

Originally, the boot time on a clean installation was 45-50 seconds. Shutdown took around 15 seconds. With the SSD Upgrade, boot time was reduced to around 20 seconds, with shutdown taking a mere five seconds!

Not only that, but this upgrade makes productivity lightning fast. Programs open and close without delay, files are transferred much faster and there is practically no delay saving and opening files.

However, the best thing about this upgrade is that it’s affordable! Priced at just $349 plus tax for a 240GB SSD Upgrade and $449 plus tax for a 480GB SSD Upgrade, it’s an upgrade accessible to everyone!

Here’s what industry experts are saying about the SSD Upgrade:
“Benchmarks don’t lie: SSD upgrades deliver huge performance gains”PC World
“nothing delivers snappy, responsive throughput for desktops, notebooks and virtually any other device like an SSD”Forbes

Cat Digital Solutions has been offering solid-state drive upgrades as part of other service packages, and here’s what actual customers have said:
“Upgrading my hard drive to solid state memory was fast, easy and solved all my lag issues.” – Ben Hopper, Hopper Associated
“[Cat Digital Solutions] got me from frustrating snail pace to working at the speed of light!” – Taayla Diep, Financial Literacy Council

Cat Digital Solutions is committed to providing the best solutions for its clients. With the introduction of the SSD Upgrade standalone service, it plans on continuing that commitment. Cat Digital Solutions expects this upgrade to be popular, and it will be an excellent way to increase the amount of customers, and also guarantee customer satisfaction.

The service will be available starting June 8, 2015, and will be offered to any client with systems that would benefit from the upgrade. The SSD Upgrade includes a 14-day service warranty for any workmanship defects, plus a 1 or 3 year warranty on the Solid State Drive, as applicable.

Remember, Cat Digital Solutions is your guide in the jungle!

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