Ransomware? A thing of the past with Cat Digital Solutions!


Ransomware is one of the greatest security threats for businesses large and small today. It has affected all types of companies, from small corner stores to the NHS in Great Britain. Up until recently, the only defense against it were frequent backups, which could also easily be compromised if the user was not careful.

Enter Sophos Endpoint Security, with their revolutionary Intercept X module:


With our comprehensive solution, you are protected against malware that traditional virus scanners have no chance against.

For example, here’s an example of how Sophos works to intercept ransomware, and stop it in its tracks. By employing behavioral detection, in addition to traditional virus scans, it’s effective even against brand new malware.


At Cat Digital Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing the latest technology to defend against all types of threats.

Contact us at 604.256.1999 or contact@catdigital.ca, and mention promotion code LIDDLE for a FREE security consultation (a $125 value)!

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