Ransomware: Your money or your data!

Ransomware – Three steps to reduce your risk!

Ransomware is the greatest security threat to Canadian small businesses in the current IT landscape. According to the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC), consequences of ransomware include: Temporary or permanent loss of sensitive or proprietary information; Disruption to regular operations; Financial losses incurred to restore systems and files; and Potential harm to an organization’s reputation The current […]


Four Common Business-Destroying IT Security Mistakes

When there is talk about IT security and data breaches, people imagine shady criminals in a darkened room, in some far away land, working to infiltrate governments or large corporations. There is also a common misconception that the only targets for hackers and thieves are large businesses. Why would anyone bother with the local landscaper […]


Recovering deleted photos from a Mac or PC: is there hope?

Imagine the following scenario: you’re a photographer editing some pictures for a client. You’re working off of an external hard drive, and because of a memory lapse, you overwrote the memory card that had the originals. Now, the only copy you have is the one on the external hard drive. No big deal, the hard […]