Used a pretty cool app called Heatmapper to check WiFi strength.

My router is brand new and my wireless connection is terrible… Why?

That’s a very good question, and it’s probably the most frequent issue that leads people to contact us. Imagine the following scenario: you live in a nice, cozy house in Osborne Village, and you decided to upgrade your internet connection. You want to have wireless in the entire house, and luckily for you, the high […]


Upgrading or Replacing? The Age-Old Computer Dilemma

A few weeks ago, a client contacted me to get a second opinion on what to do with their old desktop computer. It was purchased new, from HP, around 2004. It originally had Windows XP, but they ‘upgraded’ it to Windows 7 in 2010. Now, however, it was running very slowly. From the moment you […]


So you want to back up: Software

So you want to back up: Software   In the previous article, we talked about the three main options for backup: setting up software to automatically back up to an external device, such as a hard drive; backing up manually to CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays following a set schedule; or using a cloud service. In this article, we’ll […]