Client Reviews

I very much appreciate the work Valter of Cat Digitial Solutions did for my company!

He was obviously experienced in both computer hardware and software and got me from frustrating snail pace to working at the speed of light now. He used his resources to get me a new laptop and saved me $500!

But more importantly, he then had it set up so all I did was turn on my new laptop and it was done! Brilliant!

Valter saved me time and money and I can't be more happy with his expertise and service!!!

Taayla Diep - Financial Literacy Council

Our company main data base computer has been running slow for many months. We had many consultations with computer techs and all have given us a very expensive way of fixing the problem which we couldn’t afford. Then one day Valter came in and asked if he can have a look at it. After just a few minutes Valter had a solution for us which was much less expensive and was able to fix it right away. Within a couple of hours our data base was finally running smoothly and it didn’t break the bank! What a relief!

Valter is very professional and efficient. We will be recommending Cat Digital Solutions to any other company that may have any computer issues…… quick, easy and keeps the costs down which all business owners can appreciate.



Isabelle’s Bridal


Cristina Dias, OwnerCristina Dias, OwnerMogiana Coffee, Richmond, BC
Valter is very reliable and great to work with. He set up networking between our work computers and enabled a daily back up to keep our files safe.

He is very knowledgeable and gave us very good recommendations to optimize our IT needs. I would definitely recommend his services!

Cristina Dias - Mogiana Coffee

Listening is the beginning of understanding; this is what Valter is all about. He came to our office and listen to our concerns; we got a computer from another company because they cannot resolve the administrator password issue.

This was however no hurdle for hurdle for Valter as he sat down with the computer and resolve the issue in just a few minutes while the company’s IT guy was unable to economically resolve the issue. Because it will take a hundred more for the IT guy to fix the issue and longer.

Now we are able to download programs on the computer and whereas before we did not have the administrative privileges to do so.Thank you Valter for fixing these issues economically and we will never hesitate to recommend you to our clients and friends.

Thomson and Hernandez Inc.

Rasmussen Bindery
53 Bewicke Avenue, North Vancouver, BC
604 985-1912

12 September 2014

Valter was recommended to us by a client to assist us with our computer system. We found him to be extremely knowledgeable and personable. He fixed our computer to run much more quickly by removing viruses and installing a program to prevent future interference. In addition we are now able to download our information automatically to an external hard drive on a weekly basis thus preventing loss of data. I would have no hesitation in recommending Valter and his company to friends and colleagues.

For Rasmussen Bindery,

Paulette Thomson, Owner

Reichard Desrochers, BrokerReichard Desrochers, BrokerJEM Insurance, Winnipeg, MB
Dear Valter,

Thanks you so much for your quick response and assistance when my computer wouldn’t start. The process was extremely efficient, enjoyable and pain free. You saved me hundreds of dollars by giving me your true and honest opinion about my computer system. Now my computer works much faster than before and doesn’t freeze up.

Thanks again, and I would strongly recommend your services to anyone that requires your help.


Richard Desrochers
JEM Insurance

Ben Hopper, Small Business CoachBen Hopper, Small Business CoachHopper Associated, Winnipeg, MB
I spend about 5-6 hours on my laptop every day. It’s my #1 business tool. Eventually every laptop I’ve owned has become brutally slow and frustrating to use.

I consulted with Valter about my problems and thought that he was going to tell me to buy a new laptop, or wipe mine clean and start over, but Valter knows better and gave the right advice. Upgrading my hard drive to solid state memory was fast, easy and solved all my lag issues.

Valter works in your home, so it’s so easy and simple to get what you need with no hassle or downtime. My laptop was back online in no time and running like a Porsche.

I’m so happy that Valter was honest and able to give me great service without having to give up my laptop and wait days for it to be fixed. I would highly endorse Valter’s work, knowledge, skills and expertise when it comes to anything computer related. I will surely hire him again.

Mark Vokey, Vice-President & TreasurerMark Vokey, Vice-President & TreasurerMillen-Durnin-Parrish, Winnipeg, MB

Last May with my office lease up I decided to set up my business office in our home, which is about 60 years old.

Historically, we have experienced numerous issues with our wireless and cell providers, with a lot of dead zones through out the house.

I was referred to Valter @ Cat Digital and both my wife and I are thrilled with what he recommended and was able to provide for both my office and the rest of our home.

He is thorough and very professional and I would strongly recommend his services for any one that may require them.