An example of a customized Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 “Start Menu”: It’s better than you think!

Ah, Windows 8. Almost every time when a client comes to me asking for a new computer, they also ask “is there any way to get Windows 7 on it? Windows 8 sucks!” Granted, Windows 8 was too different from Windows 7 on launch. Oddly enough, it was mainly the lack of the start button […]

Windows XP End of Life Message

Windows XP ‘End-of-life’: Time to upgrade?

April 8th, 2014. If you’re running Windows XP, remember that date. Microsoft will stop providing any sort of updates for Windows XP, including critical security updates. This means that if there are any exploits or vulnerabilities discovered after that, well, tough luck. Windows XP was launched on August 24, 2001. That’s almost thirteen years ago! To […]


What’s this SSD thing I keep hearing about?

Last week, we serviced a business that was having performance issues with their accounting software. It would take almost five minutes to open it in the morning. Strangely enough, the machine had pretty reasonable specs for an office machine, running a dual-core Intel Processor (a Core2Duo), 3GB of RAM and a recently upgraded 1TB HDD […]